MedeA Hardware Options

MedeA ® [1] simulations may run on a laptop or desktop alongside standard office applications, on a dedicated multiprocessor workstation, or on a delocalized high performance compute cluster. For any of these installation scenarios, MedeA’s three-tier architecture will make sure that hardware resources are used in an optimal way.

A truly flexible architecture

  • All MedeA binaries are genuine 64-bit applications with ready-to-use binaries running under both Windows and Linux
  • MedeA installs as a fully functional simulation environment on a single machine, and across available compute resources in client-server mode
  • There’s no restriction on the amount of calculations or number of cpus when running computations with MedeA
*MedeA*\ :sup:`®` integration

Many supported platforms

  • 64bit Linux/Windows desktops or laptop computers
  • Windows 7/8/10, Windows Server
  • Linux RedHat Enterprise, Oracle, SuSE, CentOS, Fedora, Ubuntu, Debian

Queuing system integration

  • PBS/OpenPBS/Torque
  • LSF
  • GridEngine

Parallel execution and GPU support

  • IntelMPI
  • OpenMP
  • NVIDIA GPU support for selected engines and applications

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[1]MedeA and Materials Design are registered trademarks of Materials Design, Inc.